Open June thru November

We have a Roadside Stand

The Waterway CSA roadside stand is located at 12 Fruitland Lane approximately 9 miles east of Thompson Falls (MM 60 Hwy 200). The roadside stand will be open from 9am - 8pm every day of the week beginning June 2024. CSA members have exclusive access to limited-count vegetables. Anybody can stop by at their convenience to choose farm-fresh fruits and vegetables from our commercial coolers. See before you buy! We offer an electronic register in the roadside stand for self-checkout. Cash or check only, for now.

Most of the items in the roadside stand were grown here, but we also partnered with other Sanders County farmers to ensure you have the largest and freshest produce choices. Choose your own selection of farm-fresh vegetables from our refrigerated coolers. Produce is picked daily and cleaned before stocking the roadside stand.

Buyer's choice

See before you buy

Fresh daily

Locally grown

Shop at your convenience

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Currently Available Produce