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Fresh produce

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Open June thru October

We have a Roadside Stand

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Most of the items in the roadside stand were grown here, but we also partnered with other Sanders County farmers to ensure you have the largest and freshest produce choices. Choose your own selection of farm-fresh vegetables from our refrigerated coolers. Produce is picked daily and cleaned before stocking the roadside stand.

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Fresh daily

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Open June thru October

Bulk Produce Available

Bulk Produce

Please visit the Bulk Preorder page to see how to order and receive bulk produce.

Certified Organic available

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Produce direct from farmer

Harvested and shipped same-day

1/2 box minimum

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Locally Grown

Fresh and All Natural Produce

The produce grown on our farm is all natural and grown from seed. We germinate, transplant, and tend to our produce from start to finish. We can guarantee it is healthy and disease-free because we've been there every step of the way.